LOOKING to adopt?

Langebaan Animal Care always do our very best to find the right owner and pet as they are all special to us.

You may not find your perfect new family member at the first visit, and occasionally dogs might need to get to know their new owners more gradually, over several visits.


Contact us and we will ask you to complete an application form.  


We will ensure that the pet is introduced to you and any other family members (including pets) and that you are happy together.

Home Check

In some cases, we will do a house check to check that the pet you are adopting is the right fit for your home environment. 

Adoption costs

Our current adoption fees are:


R880 for a female dog or puppy

R800 for a male dog or puppy

R550 for a cat 

These fees help us to cover the costs of caring for all the animals both in the shelter and those we support through our Fieldwork in the community.


Every pet adopted from Langebaan Animal Care is:

  • Sterilised (or we will pay for the Sterilisation of a puppy or kitten when it comes of age with the approved veterinarians).

  • Vaccinated

  • De-ticked and de-wormed

  • You will also receive advice and support to help your pet settle in.


  • Once they are at home, if you need any help or advice to provide your new Friend for Life with all the care they need just ask us.