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How to take care of pets while moving house

Remember your pets and make a plan!How to Make Moving with your Pets less stressfulMoving is a really stressful time for everyone, including pets. The home where they feel happy and comfortable is in is changing and this can be overwhelming for them. This is particularly true of rescue pets that have already changed homes and owners. Here are some tips to help your pet settle in as quickly as possible and stay safe during the process.Moving DayIf possible – have a friend care for your pet, whilst you pack and move.If not – keep your cat indoors for a few days before.Keep your pet in a room with water and with all doors and windows closed.Tell removal men they are there and put a sign on the door.If there is someone free; make it his or her job to care for the pet.Keep calm around the pets, as they will pick up on your emotions.Unpack their things firstUnpack their bed and toys first, so their familiar scents are in the house.Do not clean their bedding just before you move; rather wait until they have settled. The same goes for buying new.Find a room to keep them in and safe with their own stuff.Keep the windows and doors closed and make sure they have water.Put a sign on that door to stop it being opened accidentally.Don’t leave them alone for long at a time; make them feel safe.Once everything is in and removal men are gone, make sure all windows and external doors are closed and let them explore.Let dogs in the garden if sufficiently walled, if not take them around on a lead.For a cat, take the cat out on a lead for the first couple of weeks to show it the surroundings, but keep it in apart from that.Apart form this keep their feeding routine and as much of your own routine as possible.If you can – book a few days off workThis will make unpacking less stressful for all.It will also give them time to see the home is secure and happy.Spoil them with some treats and games.Keep dogs on leads on new walksHowever trained your dog is, keep it on a lead for the first few walks as you do not know the surroundings.Let them explore on the lead, whilst they are safe, to make them comfortable.Keep cats insideSet up a litter tray inside for the first few weeks.Take them outside on a lead in the garden to let them learn their new territory.Take it slowly as cats easily become overwhelmed.Make sure that your previous neighbours have your contact details. Settling in can take timeYour pet will need to set up their own scents, so put as many familiar items around as possible.Give them something that smells of you.Give them time – animals do not move out of choice so they have no natural instinct to cope.If they want to be quiet, let them, they need to do whatever keeps them feeling safe.Give them lots of reassurance and do not stress around them.Change the microchip and contact detailsMake sure that any necessary changes are reflected in their tags.Call the microchip company to change their details to the new address.Remember if you have a rescue pet, then it may have been abandoned before so ensure it knows that it is safe, but do not give it a “victim” complex, just because you are concerned. Just remember to show it plenty of love and play!

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