Every week we run a Clinic at our “Container Centre”. 


The purpose of the Clinic is to enable households who earn less than R5000 per month, to access appropriate pet care and protection.


This is run by Jackie Du Plessis and assisted by the Volunteer team as well as members of the community. 

We dip the pets for tick and flea treatment; pets are de-wormed and we check for and treat minor injuries.

Any more serious injuries we refer to the local Veterinary.

We work with the Community Service Vet who is also available to the local Community and treats the pets that need Veterinary care.

On Clinic days, we provide food for local pets and discuss the best way to care for their pets.



If you own a pet and earn under R5000 per month, we will conduct your pet neutering or sterilisation for you through our subsidized clinic.  We have a vet to do the procedure once a month. 

If you are feeding a stray cat and earn more than R5000 per month, contact us and we will come and assess the best way forward. 



Our Fieldworkers led by Elle Groenewald check the area from both our vehicle and on foot, making sure that the animals have sufficient food, water and shelter.


It is a constant struggle to try to educate some people that food, water and shelter or shade are essential requirements for pets. 


They offer support of food and shelter through our other projects. 

Where they find dogs that are not being kept properly, on chains that are digging into their necks or too short, then they speak to the owners and when they can, replace the existing chains with something more appropriate.

They are constantly checking for dogs that are abused in any way and organising veterinary treatment, where needed – the cost of which often needs to be met by Langebaan Animal Care.

If the pet is mistreated and the owner can be persuaded to hand them over, then our Team take the animals into our care. First stop is to the Veterinary and then onto the Shelter, where the Shelter Volunteers take over and care for them, rehabilitate them and make them homeable in the loving homes that they deserve.

Without the Langebaan Animal Care Clinic and Fieldwork, the plight of animals in the area would be unthinkable.

For more on our cat fieldwork

Houses for hounds

It is our belief that every dog needs and deserves shelter.


Many dogs in the community have no shelter from the elements.


Members of the community with a household income less than R5000 per month qualify for subsidised dog housing for just R170. 


Members who have a household income less than R10 000 per month quality for dog housing for just R340. 

Together with the help from our sponsors, we build and subsidise the provision of dog houses to dogs in need. We also fix and repair houses to ensure they give the protection needed. 

Below are some of our successful houses built and their happy recipients! 


So many of our local dogs and cats are in need of food. Our food club is a programme whereby you donate on a regular basis to support animals in need. 

Just R340 per month can keep a large dog or animal supported and not roaming the streets in search of scraps.  We welcome any contribution that we can rely on. 

Our bank details are as follows: 


Langebaan Animal Care 

Account Number: 62435415064

Branch: 250655