Brave foster mom turns adult ferals into household pets

Many have said feral or stray cats can't be re-homed when they are adults, but this story shows you how with a little time and patience, feral cats can become really special pets.

Casper and Spookie started life being born to a feral colony in Langebaan. They lived independently and with almost no contact with people, although a generous man used to feed their colony to help them survive. (This is a recommended practise for feral colonies as long as they are sterilised).

Langebaan Animal Care were called in to find the best solution for them. We caught 9 cats from the colony and had all of them neutered. We then called out to the public for foster homes.

Marie Loubser was looking for a friendly domesticated cat, but bravely came forward and took a chance on these two terrified girls.

In the first month, they spent 5 weeks in a secure room with their food, water, toys and litter. They would hiss at her every approach. She stayed patient.

At 6 - 7 weeks, they enabled the cats to have access to their bedroom.

At 8 weeks, they were able to go outside and return as they liked. Casper was curious and Spooky a little more scared, but their curiosity spurred them on and now, after 3 months, says Marie, "you would not believe how they prance around like they live in a cat hotel!"

Their favourite thing to do is to sit on their hot water bottle together. While they are not ready to be handled yet, Marie says she gets so much joy from watching them play and being in her home. They have made her home feel complete.

Thank you to a wonderful foster parent, Marie, for your courage and perseverance to give these beautiful cats a home and a wonderful life. This story is what makes the work we do at LAC so worthwhile!

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