What the best practise is for handling feral cats humanely

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

'Mars': a resident escape artist

Langebaan Animal Care follow the TRAP-NEUTER-RELEASE (TNR) programme for handling stray or feral cats. This is the most humane and effective way of managing "feral cats". It is a non-lethal method to reduce the cat population and involves:

1. Humanely trapping the cats

2. Sterilising them

3. Returning them to their cat colony to live out their lives receiving ongoing care in the outdoors.

Among it's benefits includes:

1. reduced feline nuisance behaviour

2. it is cost effective

3. it saves kittens as they get adopted and homed successfully

4. the feral cats provide excellent rodent control

5. the cats live healthier lives

6. people that look after cat colonies experience enhanced overall well-being.

We are lucky enough to have animal specialist Margaret Nolan PhD. provide us with a detailed process and information for handling feral and stray cats. You might find the below mythbusters of interest:

1. Feral cats are unhealthy

Mostly feral cats are in good health. Comprehensive studies have shown that less than 1% of feral cats carry diseases that could harm you or your pets.

2. Cats living in the outdoors are suffering

This is not usually true. Just like any other wild animal, cats are born with instinctual survival skills and can live comfortably in the wild. They are able to find shelter if they need it and hunt for their food. Feral cats will adapt to their environment.

3. Stop feeding feral cats and they will go away:

Actually, when food sources are scarce, feral cats tend to move closer to humans, as they grow hungrier in hopes of finding scraps of food. Cats will also continue to breed despite the lack of food.

If you would like to know more please view the article here.

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