Our sponsors

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We believe sponsorship should be a two way street: we want to help those that help us by promoting their business and advertising them as a corporate partner.

In partnership, we can improve the lives of our local animals.

We will, in turn, give you the positive publicity that all businesses need to thrive in the community.

You can see throughout the website that we are constantly struggling to do as much as we can within the community to rescue, aid and educate. However, the resources needed are massive. I am happy to meet with you to show you how large the problem is if it helps.

If you feel that your Company or yourself as a business owner or manager can help us by giving us a pledge to give money on a regular basis then this will take a huge burden off us as planning ahead and living hand to mouth does not correlate.

You may well be able to help us in other ways, by donation of services and supplies.


Let's face it; we need pretty much everything, so you will be able to help. It may be that what you have is something that we can raffle or sell to make money.

If you wish to discuss sponsorship, please contact us