Even a couple of hours a week make a difference and some duties don't even need that.


We are looking for all sorts of people for all sorts of activities. Please don't think that just because you can't think of what you could do that there isn't a place for you, I am sure that there will be.

Everybody that volunteers has their own personal reasons for doing so, but here are some of the benefits:

  • You get to work with animals

  • You will have fun

  • You will make new friends, as you are actually starting with something in common

  • It may help with choosing a career or career change.

  • Increase your self-confidence and learn new skills, or find ones that you were not aware of

  • Earn recommendations for future employment or college applications.

  • you have the satisfaction of knowing that your time has been spent helping those that do not have a voice to ask for help.




Do you have a professional skill or advice you can offer us?

We are always looking for assistance with legal and law enforcement but there are always issues we want to improve on. Please contact us if you have a passion for animals and have a bit of time spare for us. 

Fund raising, marketing, education

If you can help get the message out for adoptions , raise awareness in our community in some way or help more animals by helping us to become more known, please let us know. 

Animal Field Work

All kinds of skills are needed in rescue, re-homing, providing training to dogs, social rehabilitation of kittens etc.

Maintenance, Buildings, Manual Labour

Can you make us dog houses, fix fences, door handles etc? 


If you would like to explore further how you could be of assistance, get in touch!